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Easton Walled Garden

On Friday, I went to see the Snowdrop Walk at Easton walled Garden.

Snowdrops at Easton Walled Garden

I find it very interesting to look at other people’s gardens and often get ideas and inspiration for my own patch. I buy a copy of The Yellow Book
every year and often use it to visit the listed gardens that are local to me.

At this time of year, there are very few gardens open. However, you will find Snowdrop walks. These are often based on old Monks gardens, as snowdrops were brought over by the Monks in medieval times and spread around the country by them. They were used to put on the altars. So, if you want to go on a walk and can’t find one in the yellow book, look at the local large houses and National Trust properties.

When we left home, there was a very small amount of snow left in our garden, in places which get no sun at this time of year. By the time we got to Easton Walled Garden,which is near Grantham, there was a covering of about 2cm. We were not concerned about this as snowdrops have their own inbuilt anti-freeze, so will melt the snow around their bulbs.

Although the snowdrops and celandines were virtually all the flowers showing at the moment. It was still very pleasant to stroll all around the garden. There is a Yew tunnel which is, of course, still evergreen.  a short talk about snowdrops was also on the agenda with much information about history and species.The only down side, in my opinion, was the continuous noise of the traffic on the A1, which whilst not being terribly loud was audible where ever you were in the garden.

I have never been to this garden before, but will try to make a point of visiting again. It is open three days a week from the 28th. February and look as if it is has different plants and areas looking their best at different times of the year.

At Easter, the daffodils, Iris and auriculas come into their own. (they advertise that they have planted 10,000 bulbs, so these should look spectacular. In May, they have a two day plant fair. In summer, the sweet peas and roses are at their best together with Alliums and salads. There is a large vegetable plot which comes into its own in late summer whilst October is billed as Children’s month and they have Christmas shopping in November. Altogether, a garden for all seasons.

Whilst Easton Walled Garden is one of the gardens¬† in my area, there will be a garden of this ilk in an area near you. I can recommend a walk like this. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in snowdrops, it’s a lovely way to go for a short walk in the fresh air.