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Christmas Gifts from Thompson and Morgan

According to T & M. Christmas is on it’s way. (I have not yet given up on summer, but no matter). They have just issued their Christmas catalogue which is full of good ideas for Christmas gifts (or even gifts to yourself most of which are under £20.

Thompson and Morgan are renowned for their seeds, so as you would expect most of thir products are flower or plant related. Because of the financial situation, more then 40 items have been held or reduced in price,one by as much as £42.99. (and it only started at £59.98  so it has been reduced by more than 75%.

Although many of the items offered are tried and rested Christmas related plants (such as the Poinsettia) even some of these have slight twists. For instance, a cyclamen is offered – a very common Christmas plant. However this one is slightly different in that it has white flowers with red edges and centre. It is also presented in a 12 cm pot in a silk  pot cover. This particular variety ‘Victoria’ is arguably the longest flowering cyclamen. Don’t forget that once you have finished with it indoors, you can plant cyclamen outside and they will flourish and give you good displays year after year. In fact that is where all my cyclamen plants come from.

For the person who likes flowers but cannot maintain them, Thompson and Morgan are now offering a range of silk flowers. OI think one of the best of these are the Orchids. Their Pansy Orchid is even scented which makes them even more lifelike. You can buy the orchid scent separately so that it can be renewed periodically.

If you are a plant lover and want to give gifts which are connected to this love, I would recommend a look at the Thompson and Morgan gift range. It has a god range of very interesting plants at reasonable prices.

Hanging Baskets for winter

The problem with winter hanging baskets is that not only are they exposed to the rain, snow and wind (bad enough for your poor plants) but also your plants have to cope with the frosts and ice from all directions.So it takes tough plants to not only survive under those conditions but also to thrive.

The range of plants suitable for hanging baskets for winter is somewhat limited. There are a number of foliage plants of course, the Ivies of various types among them but when it comes to flowers, then you look to Pansies and Violas, with, perhaps the odd Polyanthus and Bellis Perennis thrown into the mix.

Thompson and Morgan have had a cascading Pansy in their catalogue for some time. It is called ‘Pansy Cascading Balconita‘ and is reputed to trail up to 24 inches.

Pansy Cascading Balconita

This makes it ideal for hanging baskets. It would also make a good plant in the front of borders, giving much needed colour during the bleak months.

Anyway, back to Cascading Pansy ‘Balconita‘. T & M are now offering these at half price – £4.98 for 8 plants (16 plants for £7.99) instead of £9.99 (£16.99) so if you are thinking of using Pansies in hanging baskets during winter, now is the time to order them. The offer only has a week to run so you need to do it soon. The plants will come as plug plants, so you will not need to plant them in your baskets immediately, however do not encourage them to grow too much, it is much easier to place small plants in baskets then large ones. Remember, the same rule applies as with all planting. Don’t damage the roots by touching them.

I have been evaluating my summer hanging baskets. You will remember that I planted them up with Fuschias and Geraniums as well as the usual hanging basket pplants. Well the Geraniums have done very well. They look like the pictures you see on advertisments of German Villas. However, the Fuschias have not done quite as well. I think both these are due to the exceptional drought and heat we have had this year. Although I have watered my hanging baskets, I obviously have not done so as often as I should. It is worth remembering that Fuschias will take more looking after than normal. (Of course, if we have a very wet or col summer, Geraniums may well not do so well and Fuschias may do better.) You just have either to guess what it will be like (!) or play the odds and plant some of each – or be safe and use the normal pplants such as Loberlia.

Autumn Bedding

Autumn Bedding is more than just bedding plants which flower in autumn. Many of the plants will continue to flower throughout winter and into Spring. The reason I am writing about it at this time is that I have just had a special offer from Thompson and Morgan which strikes me as a very good buy.

autumn plant collection

T & M are offering 252 plug plants for £9.99. This equates to 4p per plant. Plug plants are very useful at this time of year. They already have a good root system and although sometimes they may be a tad small to put straight into the garden, they will be ready in a week or two.

The plants on offer are 84 each of three varieties. The first is Pansy Universal. These were on offer in Thompson and Morgan’s Cottage Garden catalogue at 84 for £9.99 so this offer is really a bargain. Pansy Universal has a range of bright colours some solid and some with pretty blotches. They are dwarf and compact plants and, given normal weather conditions, should flower throughout Autumn and winter.

The next batch of plug plants are Viola ‘Sorbet’. These are winter hardy plants some with bi-coloured variations.

The final set of plants are Primrose ‘Petticoat’ mixed. These are double compact flowers which look like miniature roses. They have double compact flowers in a range of bright colours. They certainly look different from the usual Primrose.

Between these three plants, you should have the basis of a good colourful display throughout autumn and well into winter.

Automatic Irrigation System

If you are a keen gardener, then going away on holiday can be something of a problem. Your plants will still need watering. Indeed, if you are lucky enough to have good weather whilst away, then they will need watering even more then usual.

Irrigation System Kit

You could ask a neighbour or a friend to water your plants for you but this means that they cannot go away for a day or two and what happens if they are unable to do the watering, or forget it.

Thompson and Morgan, the seed merchants have come up with the perfect solution. An automatic irrigation system. This includes everything you need to make life so much easier, including an automatic timer. All you do is fit it, turn on the tap and forget it. What’s more they are offering £20 off the original price.

Even if you are not going away, this system is incredibly useful. Particularly if you work all day, then you do not have to rush home to water plants which are wilting in the hot sun.

An automatic irrigation system means that you no longer have to remember to water your garden once or twice a day – it will do it for you. Just tell it when you want the water applied. The system works equally well in a greenhouse, where you need to water regularly to prevent  problems  particularly with plants such as tomatoes.

At £39.98, this automatic itrrigation system (usual price £59.98) will pay for itself by giving you perfectly watered plants and peace of mind that that will happen.

Chelsea Flower Show

It’s that time of year, when everybody connected with the gardening world is using the CHelsea Flower Show for advertising. However, occasionally among all the hype and dross is a gem and this year’s Thomson and Morgan’s ‘Chelsea Flower Show Celebration‘ is, in my opinion, one such gem.

chelsea promotion

Costing only £9.99, it is, purportedly, worth £57 (and who am I to dispute this.). For this price, you get 15 plants, which I will talk about in a moment, and Gift token from T & M for £10 and an RHS Chealsea Flower Show DVD.

The plants in themselves are quite interesting. First you get 5 Geraniium ‘Skyrocket’ plants. These are a new climbing variety of Geranium which will grow to 6 ft  in a season.  If you buy these seperately they cost £1 each. so they are a good buy. One of the annoying things about buying plug plants is that there is not enough information about them. However, I would assume that, like most geraniums these will be herbacious perennials but will be frost tender.  If you have somewhere sensible to store them, they arre worth transplanting and keeping over winter.

Next are 5 Petunia Surfina, which are described as everybody’s favourite trailing Petunia. Not difficult since these days you can only find Petunia Surfina plants. Gone are the days when you could get Petunia plants for pennies! Having said that, I have grown Petunia Surfina in hanging baskets in the past and they have given a really great display, so if you are interested in hanging baskets, then these are a good investment. They are only annuals, though.

Last, but not least are 5 Fushia  Plants. These are double flowered and include such well known varieties as Southgate, Swingtime and Dark Eyes. Again, these would cost you at least £1 a plant if bought seperately. If you do not know the varieties mentioned, then I should add that they are all very different in colour combinations, ranging from the palest of pinks to almost black.

So you now have approximately £15 worth of plants and then they give you your money back (plus 1p) in the form of a voucher. and on top of that there is the DVD. Can’t be a bad bargain. I for one am definuitely going to be ordering one.

Special Offer – Hardy Perrenials

I am signed up to a number of different companies selling plants on line and get e-mails from them at irregular intervals. The latest one is a special  offer for 40 bareroot perrenial plants. These plants are currently being grown in the nursery and will be shipped between February and May 2010 when they are ready.

perennial collection

The plants involved are as follows: 4 each of Aquilegia (also known among other names as drangon’s tongue); Gypsophilia Rosea; Hollyhock; Chinese Lantern; Lupin; Red Hot Power; Sea Holly; Delphinium and Liatris.

These plants have  a wide range of shapes, colours and flowering periods so will give you long period of flowering plants to fill your borders for many years to come. Many of the plants will self  seed, so increasing your stock. The flowering period is stated as May, June, July, August and September, but given the weather conditions in the past few years, I would expect this is to extended until the first serious frosts (last year in my area of lincolnshire this was November).

The normal price for this collection is £49.99 but they are presently being offered at just £17.00. A saving of £32.99 (66%). This makes it a really good buy. You will be charged at the time of order and the plants will be dispatched as soon as they are ready.

So, grab yourself a real bargain and add these, often difficult to propogate, plants to your garden.

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