Christmas Gifts from Thompson and Morgan

According to T & M. Christmas is on it’s way. (I have not yet given up on summer, but no matter). They have just issued their Christmas catalogue which is full of good ideas for Christmas gifts (or even gifts to yourself most of which are under £20.

Thompson and Morgan are renowned for their seeds, so as you would expect most of thir products are flower or plant related. Because of the financial situation, more then 40 items have been held or reduced in price,one by as much as £42.99. (and it only started at £59.98  so it has been reduced by more than 75%.

Although many of the items offered are tried and rested Christmas related plants (such as the Poinsettia) even some of these have slight twists. For instance, a cyclamen is offered – a very common Christmas plant. However this one is slightly different in that it has white flowers with red edges and centre. It is also presented in a 12 cm pot in a silk  pot cover. This particular variety ‘Victoria’ is arguably the longest flowering cyclamen. Don’t forget that once you have finished with it indoors, you can plant cyclamen outside and they will flourish and give you good displays year after year. In fact that is where all my cyclamen plants come from.

For the person who likes flowers but cannot maintain them, Thompson and Morgan are now offering a range of silk flowers. OI think one of the best of these are the Orchids. Their Pansy Orchid is even scented which makes them even more lifelike. You can buy the orchid scent separately so that it can be renewed periodically.

If you are a plant lover and want to give gifts which are connected to this love, I would recommend a look at the Thompson and Morgan gift range. It has a god range of very interesting plants at reasonable prices.


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