First Sowings Of The Year

Hurray!! At last, the weather has warmed up enough to start sowing the hardy annuals.

Today I sowed some of my sweet peas.

I sowed Sweet Pea Miss Wilmott

sweet pea miss wilmott

Sweet Pea Chatsworth

sweet pea chatsworth

Sweet Pea Fragrant Ripples

sweet pea fragrant ripples

and Sweet Pea Orange Dragon

sweet pea orange dragon

They were all sown in3″ posts, 2 seeds per pot inĀ  compost about 1.5 ins below the surface. They will stay in those pots until it is time to plant them out when I will not separate them, but will train them away from each other on the support.

I have sown sweet peas in ‘root trainers’ in the past and if I was growing for exhibition, I would do so again, but I find that they grow quite well in 3″ pots so I use those.

As with all sowings, these pots are clearly labelled so that I know what is in them. Many seedlings look the same until they have their true leaves, so it is very necessary to label clearly, particularly if you are growing more than one variety of the same plant. I have tried many ways of labelling plants and have found them all wanting until I found the Brother P-touch labelling system which I find works very well.


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