Most seeds have germinated

I thought it would be useful to update you on the seeds which have and have not germinated.



First the peas,if you remember this was seed which was over 5 years old. Well, one seed has so far germinated. This is more than I expected so is a bonus. It is still possible for the rest to germinate but I think the conclusion I would draw from this is that 5 years is too long to store pea seed. I have sown more, current seeds.

seed trays1

The French Lavender has germinated. I am quite pleased with this. The packet stated that it could take up to five months to germinate so I thought I was in for the long haul.

Next Cauliflower All Year Round. Again this was old seed and about half of them have germinated. Not particularly good but it is almost free seed. I think the overall conclusion must be that it is always worth trying old seed, but do not rely upon it. The one seed which is not even worth trying is parsnip. This really does not germinate unless it is fresh and then it is fussy.

There is still no sign of my potatoes or carrots but it is early days. It is not helping that my cats have decided my potato plot is a good toilet. I suppose it is good compost but the movement of the earth is a bit disconcerting.

Of the rest of the seeds sown in the greenhouse, they have germinated and are looking very healthy. It is time to start to prick them out. In a month’s time I will be busy planting them outside.


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