My vegetables have been affected by the frosts!

Whatever happened to global warming?  The pundits have been telling us that we will not be able to grow certain plants because it will be to warm and dry and here we are in the middle of May and the temperature overnight is as cold as you would expect in January.

It really is most annoying not to mention disheartening. I decided last Sunday that we were probably not going to get any more heavy frosts so it would be safe to plant out Climbing Beans, bush beans and Sweet corn. They looked great and I was looking forward to good crops.

I missed the weather forecast on Monday and got up on Tuesfay morning to find that they had all been frosted. My potatoes have suffered as well. Also a pot of Morning Glory. The sunflowers which I planted a fortnight ago are O.K.

The potatoes will probably survive, although they will mature later, and possibly not give as large a crop as they would otherwise have done. However, the beans, sweet corn and Morning Glory will not. I have sown another load of seeds in pots in my greenhouse and will plant out as soon as they are ready. Hopefully by then the frosts will be finished.

It has been so cold that I have been covering the tender plants in my cold greenhouse with horticultural fleece and newspaper. This works very well for a degree or two of frost but if the temperature gets much lower than that, it is unlikely to work. So far the plants under cover have survived well.

In fact, not only have they survived, the Melon and Cucumber seed which I sowed last week actually geminated last night. What sense is there in that!

Ihave planted a couple of hanging basked with Fuchsias, Osteospermum and Geraniums (Pelargoniums, actually). These are frost tender and normally, I would not worry about a slight ground frost, as they are hanging well above ground level, under those conditions, they would be alright. However with outside temperatures at -3 degrees, I have been taking them into the greenhouse and covering them up.

The weather today is stunning, it is really warm and sunny and I have been working on my vegetable patch, planting out cabbages, Brussels sprouts and celeriac. These are all hardy so even if the frosts do continue (and they are forecast for tonight), they should grow normally.


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