Planting Raspberry Canes.

Today I planted 10 new rapsberry canes. They are 5 Glen Lyon which is an early/late summer variety and 5  Polka, an autumn fruiting variety. I have planted them in a line with 18ins between each plant. This will give room for them to grow and for support where necessary.

The summer fruiting variety will need support and I will put a post in each end of the row. This will be 18ins in the ground and 4 ft high. I will put wire between the posts at 18 ins (the first being 1 ft off the ground) so that as the canes grow, they can be tied to them. The canes will be tied at an angle of 45 degrees, all in one direction. This is so that when next years canes start to grow, they will be tied in  the opposite direction, making it easier to prune after they have finished fruiting.

Autumn fruiting varieties do not need support as they are pruned in early spring and fruit on this years canes.

I already have raspberry canes in the garden – they were there when we moved to the house – however, they are in the wrong place, they are very old and getting a bit weak and the fruits are very small. I tried moving a few canes that year and found the roots to be very long and woody, and they did not take. I will leave the old canes in the garden until the new ones start fruiting at which time I will dig them out and dispose of them.

The new fruit canes may not fruit this year but I look forward to large , tasty raspberries in the future throughout summer and autumn.


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