Automatic Irrigation System

If you are a keen gardener, then going away on holiday can be something of a problem. Your plants will still need watering. Indeed, if you are lucky enough to have good weather whilst away, then they will need watering even more then usual.

Irrigation System Kit

You could ask a neighbour or a friend to water your plants for you but this means that they cannot go away for a day or two and what happens if they are unable to do the watering, or forget it.

Thompson and Morgan, the seed merchants have come up with the perfect solution. An automatic irrigation system. This includes everything you need to make life so much easier, including an automatic timer. All you do is fit it, turn on the tap and forget it. What’s more they are offering £20 off the original price.

Even if you are not going away, this system is incredibly useful. Particularly if you work all day, then you do not have to rush home to water plants which are wilting in the hot sun.

An automatic irrigation system means that you no longer have to remember to water your garden once or twice a day – it will do it for you. Just tell it when you want the water applied. The system works equally well in a greenhouse, where you need to water regularly to prevent  problems  particularly with plants such as tomatoes.

At £39.98, this automatic itrrigation system (usual price £59.98) will pay for itself by giving you perfectly watered plants and peace of mind that that will happen.


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