Grass Cutters

If you have not already done so, and I haven’t, it is time to think about cutting your grass. Whether, like me, you just grow patches of grass or whether you have a very neat lawn of which you are justifiably proud, once you start cutting your grass, then it needs doing regularly.

Most people find mowing the lawn a chore, although a few find it quite therapeutic. Whichever catagory you fall into, a good mower will make a gtreat deal of difference not only to the enjoyment of the task but also the way the grass looks when it has been cut.

There are a number of different types of mower out there and choosing the right one to get the finish you want can be a bit confusing. Lets start with the power. Basically, there are two ways to power your mower – petrol and electric. There are good and bad things attached to each.

The snag to the petrol driven mower is that you are carrying around your fuel with you and therefore they tend to be heavier to push. They can also be more difficult to start, although nowadays some petrol driven mowers have push button starting. That said, if you have a lot of grass you will need a petrol driven mower. They are more rugged and cope with larger jobs more easily.

Electric powered lawn mowers tend to be quieter to use. They are lighter to push and easy to start. However, you have to be very careful not to cut the lead which gives you your power feed.

There are two different types of mower, the cylinder mower and the rotary mower. The difference is in the way the blades are mounted and run.

The cylinder mower will generally give you a better finish than a rotary mower. It will usually have a roller attached to it and also a box for collecting the grass which has been cut. This is the mower to use if you want a lawn with stripes. Buy one with as many blades on the cylinder as possible and always keep those blade sharp.

Rotary Mowers come into their own if you have areas of tall grass. You can use them on close cut lawns, (many do!) but they will not give such a professional finish to ithe lawn. Hover mowers are a form of rotary mowers.


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