Keeping you pond water clear and bright

Most ponds suffer from minor problems from time to time and over the past year or three, a number of solutions have come on the market.

First, green water. This is due to too much algae in the water. Algae thrives on nitrogen and sunlight, so most ponds get it from time to time. The solution is to put a small amount of barley in your pond. Harold Horticulture now sell Barley Balls

barley balls

These not only do the job but also look neat and tidy when added to the pond. One ball will treat ponds of 1,000 to 10,00 litres capacity (roughly 2.5 – 20 sq m) If you have a pond larger than this, you just use more than one ball. Results are evident within 2-4 weeks of putting the ball into your water, but it is just as well to put a ball in during the early spring and stop the problem from occurring. One application will last the year. Because barley is a natural product, it does no harm to either your fish or plants.

The second problem is getting enough oxygen in the water during hot, sunny weather. This is especially important if you have fish and do not have a fountain. Although, even a fountain will not always solve the problem in particularly hot, sunny weather. Again, a really clever solution has been found. A solar powered pond oxygenator.

pond oxygenator

I think this is clever on a number of levels. It looks just like a stone, so is not unsightly in your pond as pumps sometime are. Although it is powered by the sun and therefore works well when the sun is out (and you need it the most), it also has remote solar panel with battery back up for night time operation. The oxygenator  is suitable for ponds up to 5,00 litres so will be large enough for most ponds. Whats more, the cell battery is included in the price, so you do not have to pay extra for that.

The third problem is sludge at the bottom of your pond. In the past, you lived with this problem for a few years until it became too much and the water started to smell, then you emptied the pond and put it back together again. This was a nasty, time consuming job which upset your plants, fish and wildlife (and didn’t do much for you either!). Now there is a much easier solution. EM Mud Balls.

mud balls

These are a mixture of Bokashi wheat bran, EM microbes and EM ceramic powder which have been fused together. The microbial activity resulting from them actively eats sludge leaving you with a naturally bright and clean pond. Use 1 mud ball  per square metre of surface every six months to maintain your pond. Problem solved!


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