Mantis Rotovators take the pain out of gardening

When I first started gardening a large field (8 acres) in my old house, I hired a cultivator to turn over the grass and dig a patch of it. It was very heavy and hard to control and use and I never used one again – it seemed easier to dig it be hand!

However, I have just received information about the Mantis Cultivator which looks as though it might be the answer for anybody who needs to dig their soil regularly but either has not the time or has back or knee problems – or simply doesn’t like digging.

mantis cultivator

Apart from rotovating your ground, which the Mantis Cultivator does very well, it is also useful for a number of  jobs.There are a number of attachments you can use to make your life easier.

The terms Mantis Rotavator and Mantis Cultivator seem to used interchangeably but generally refer to the the same unit.

One of these attachments is a planter. This of course, is useful for planting potatoes and leeks not to mention trees. It is always time consuming, not to mention energy consuming to do these plantings, with the Mantis Cultivator, it is much easier.

Another attachment is the crevice cleaner. This is so useful. You can remove weeds from paths without bending down.

Edging your lawn or borders is always time consuming, not to mention boring, but it does give the garden a much More professional look. I have always thought that if you have time to do only one job after mowing the lawn, then edging it makes the difference. There is a border edge to do this job in half the time. While we’re talking about lawns, there is a lawn care package which will help with de-thatching the lawn and aerating it. You will still need to mow regularly but it will look so much better if you de-thatch and aerate it, and, with the Mantis Rotovator, this becomes much easier.

As the Mantis Cultivator only weighs 11kg (23 lbs), It is easy to handle and store. The single 4-stroke engine is powerful enough to undertake any work you care to use it for and if you want one, there are also electric units available.

Mantis guarantee the patented tilling elements for a lifetime against breakage under normal use and it also guarantees the complete tiller cultivator and its accessories for five years.

The Mantis Rotavator is not the cheapest on the market but if you feel you could use help with the work in your garden, it is well worth a look. Click the link for more information and price details for the Mantis Garden Tiller.


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