Storing and juicing Apples

If you regularly have large crops of apples and you do not know what to do with them, then I may have a solution for you.

Many years ago, I moved into a house which had just one very large and old eating apple tree. They were delicious but there is only so many apples you can eat and store. I used to store them in my very large pantry and they stored well until Christmas when they started to go soft.

We gave them away on the gateway and still had too many! At this stage, I decided to try making cider. This worked very well but I did not have the right equipment and it was hard work.

I recently received a catalogue from Harold and this is what reminded me of this time in my life. I wish I had seen these items then.

The first thing is an Apple rack.

apple rack

It is made of Beech and is very robust. It is made of a planed frame with ten removable shelves. There is room between the shelves to allow airflow making it a very good method of storing apples (or pears come to that, although I have never managed to produce enough pears to store them). It is a very traditional apple storage solution with a modern twist. I wish I had had one of these, I stored my apples wrapped in newspaper and kept in a cardboard box. It worked but was time consuming.

Making cider was an adventure. We made a press from a workmate and tea towels. The Harold catalogue has a Cross-Beam Fruit Press

fruit press

which would do the job so much more efficiently. Not only could you use it to make cider but also to press apples to make juice, jellies, ices or wine.

There are two pieces of equipment, the first is a fruit crusher. It is made of stainless steelĀ  and is a hopper with blades and rollers that rotate with a handle.

The second piece of equiment is the fruit press.This fruit press has a 12 litre capacity. It is a very attractive traditional fruit press with beech straves which have been treated with food-safe varnish, steel hoops and frame. This makes it easy to use. You place the pulp in the press barrel and put the pressure plate in place. Then just turn the pressure bar to lower the pressure plate. The juice then flows into the steel base plate beneath before pouring out of the lip.

You can use this fruit press to treat any fruit. It makes producing real fruit juice easy and quick.


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