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Have you heard of the NGS, or the Yellow Book? The NGS (National Garden Scheme is a scheme where people open their gardens to the public, charging a small sum for entry, and the proceeds go to charity. This year the president is Joe Swift, who last year co-presented Gardeners World, so you know that the folk involved are knowledgeable about gardens, and what makes them interesting.

The scheme has been running since 1994 and is going from strength to strength. All gardens are inspected by members of the scheme to ensure that they are up to the right standard and also that they are safe for the public before being allowed into the scheme. The book which lists the gardens is called the Yellow Book and is available to buy from many bookshops and also on the internet
Click Here to get more information on The Yellow Book 2010: NGS Gardens Open for Charity (National Gardens Scheme)

Currently the Yellow Book is listing 360 gardens open to the public. They are listed by County, so it is easy to find gardens near you which are open. They are also listed in date order, so that once again it is easy to find gardens open on any particular date. Where gardens are small, you may find that more than one garden is open in the same area on the same date with a covering charge. A map of every county is included with the gardens marked on it to make finding them  a cinch.

Each garden has a small decription attatched to it explaining any particular plants or areas of interest attatched to it, often with photographs  of the garden to wet your appetite.

Visiting other people’s gardens is an excellent way of getting inspiration for your own garden. Many of the gardens will have plant sales in them, so that should a particular plant catch your eye, you may be able to buy one in a pot. Often the owners of the garden are on hand to chat and share information with you.

For gardeners like me, visiting other people’s gardens is a great way to spend an afternoon. It is relaxing and interesting and often inspirational.

The Yellow Book is really the key to finding the gardens open in your area . You can visit them knowing that they are going to be of a high standard.


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