Do You Use A Garden Shredder

If, like me, you have trees, shrubs or hedges in your garden which need pruning, then you have the problem of what to do with those prunings. They are woody, so will not easily compost as they stand. You could put them in your recycling bin (if the council will take them), you could burn them on bonfires which is a nuisance and pollutes the air or you could get yourself a shredder and shred them and use the material either as a mulch or to add to the compost

If you only prune once a year, you could hire a Garden Shredder. Most Machinery Hire Shops will have them. However, you are restricted to how long you can use them and you have to go to the shop to collect and deliver them (or pay the shop to do it for you). If you are using the shredder on a regular basis, even if it is only once or twice a year, then it is worth thinking about purchasing one.

There are a number of makes and models to choose from and you can either buy them in your local shop (D.I.Y. stores or Garden Centres will sell them) or you can look online for garden shredders.  The main makers are: Ryobi; Flymo; Bosch and there is a model which is called Handy. The prices range from just over £300 for the most expensive to £100 for the cheapest. Remember, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. The more expensive models are likely to be more robust and less likely to break down than the cheapest.

Ryobi make two very good models, both have cutting and crushing Action which results in low noise. They both take up to 40mm in diameter in branches and are ideal for making compost. They have a 10:1 mulching ratio. The difference is in the size of the motor.

The Flymo Pac A Electric Shredder has a 2500w motor and a very handy translucent box which stores 62 litres of material. When not in use the shredding unit folds neatly into the collection box. It has autofeed and also wheels for easy movement.

Bosch make a large number of Garden Shredders . They all have many of the same features which include Turbine cutting system, collection box which doubles as storage for tthe detachable hopper. Self feeding system and Induction motors. The diferences are in the size of the motors (the largest one is 2500w) the size of the collection box (53litres form the largest version) and the size of the hour/shredding capacity.

Another option is the Handy Impact Shredder.This has a 2400w motor. It takes a maximum size 40mm cutting capacity. It had a rotary shredding action, and a 50l debris bag. It also has wheels for easy transportation.

Many of us have gardens where it is not possible to have bonfires and disposing of woody material is dificult. In these circumstances, Garden Shredders make a great deal of sense. You can use the waste material as a mulch, thereby saving you money.


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