fitting your water butt

Traditionally water butts are sited next to the down pipe from your roof guttering. This is so that the pipe from the down pipe to your water butt is as small as possible. Of course you don’t have to do this, you could just add a much longer pipe – but it is most convenient to site it in the traditional way.

Having placed your water butt, you need to divert the rain water from the down pipe into the butt. You could just feed the down pipe into the water with a down pipe collector.This works quite well. However, if you do this, there is a reasonably high chance that you will get debris from the roof into your butt and you need to make provision for any overflow from your butt. In fact, you can buy kits to perform just this job.

The other way to divert your water (and in my opinion much better way) is to use a rain water collection and filter system.

rainwater filter
gutter mate

This is a very useful bit of kit which allows you to conveniently collect rain water into your water butt whilst at the same time collecting any debris from the guttering. You do not need to fit any strainers to  the top of the downpipe so no need to continually climb up lafders to clear them. Once the assembly has been fitted (an easy job) the valve is easily adjusted to collect filtered rainwater whilst the filter basket that collects any debris such as fine sand, leaves, moss etc, can be visually inspected without dismantling. It is easily cleaned out when needed taking only half a minute.

If you want to collect rainwater in more than one water butt, there are also water butt linking kits available.

Water Butt Linking Kit

These are basically strong flexible pipes made for this job and come in lengths of 1.5m. They are easily fitted and can increase the amount of water you save.

Having got the rain water into your butt, you now need to get it out. Most water butts come with taps fitted, but they do not make it easy to use a hose pipe attached to them as the are usually too close to the ground. I have foiund that the simplest way to get your water from the water butt it to use a submersible water butt pump.

water butt pump

This means that your water then has some force behind it and is useful with hosepipes. You can even use it with grass sprinklers.


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