Scarifying your lawn

If you want a really good looking lawn which is green and lush looking, then you need to look after it.

One of the most common reasons for your lawn not looking in top condition is that it is choked up with ‘thatch’. Put simply, this means that grass clipping and other bits of organic matter have built up among the grass and is cutting off the air supply.  Even if you have a good lawn mower with a grass collecting box, this will still happen over time and it will need cleaning or ‘scarifying’ every spring.

You can do this by raking it hard with a leaf rake – hard work and very time consuming, although it is satisfying when it is done. Don’t be worried by the fact that the lawn will then lock a mess. Within a week or two it will recover and start to look as you wish.

The easier way to scarify your lawn is to use a special machine. This can be an independent machine made just for this purpose or it can be an addition which fits onto your powered lawn mower. These do a better job in a fraction of the time and with a great deal less effort.

You can try to hire a machine from your local tool hire shop, but chances are very high that it will not be available when you want it and when it is available, it will be wet. The cost of the hire and the petrol to collect and deliver it makes it one of those machines which it well worth buying. sell a range of these machines at very reasonable prices. You can choose between machines which fit in front of your lawn mower or those which you pull along at the back of your lawn mower. However, if you really don’t want to be bothered with fitting the machine, they have independent scarifier machines which are really very effective.

There are a number of models of varying size and power so that you can choose the one which suits your particular size lawn.

Scarifying your lawn really does make a huge difference in the look of your grass. It will transform it from a tired patch of grass to a lush green, healthy lawn in a relatively short time. The job only needs doing once a yrear,but the difference it makes is remarkable.


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