Improve seed propagation with a soil warming cable

A soil warming cable is a cable which goes in the soil , or more often nowadays, under the soil in order to warm it.  We used to buy these warming tools as cables and spread them within the soil in a zigzag pattern. Now they are usually bought in the form of a mat, either made of alluminium or, as in the case of the one sold by Thompson and Morgan, as a net.

Warming the soil makes it much easier to germinate seeds even when the weather is not reliably warm as well as help cuttings to root.

The alternative to a soil warming cable is an electric propogator, this will give you a much smaller area of warmed soil.

propagation mat

The advantage of the T & M soil warming cable (they call it a heated propogation mat) is that it covers an area of 16 ins by 48 ins. This is generally the full length and width of one side of your greenhouse staging. This gives you great flexibility in the type and number of pots and trays you use both for seeds and cuttings.


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