Making your own Garden Tools

Homemade garden tools are easy to make, cost very little – if  anything – and are hugely satisfying to use. In fact ‘re-cycling’ is a word which seems to be made specifically for this activity. All the tools decribed can, of course be purchased either on the internet or through garden centres or even D.I.Y. shops.

The first suggested tool is a sieve. A 1.5mm mesh is really useful for sprinkling a fine layer of compost on top of seeds. It is very easy and inexpensive to make. You just nail a piece of mesh on a square or circular frame. You can make the frame by nailing 4 pieces  of wood together.

Next is a garden line. This is so useful, I’m sure most gardeners use it whenever they sow seeds in the vegetable patch. It consists of two sticks (or pegs) with a thick piece of string between them. It is useful to make it to fit your patch and to keep it rolled up for use when you have finished using it. Always have two garden lines – it will save you a lot of walking round the bed.

A dibber is a useful tool when transplanting seedlings or planting cuttings. You can, of course, use your finger but a dibber saves finger nails! Make a large one by using the top of a broken wooden spade or fork handle. Cut it to 12 ins (30cm) and shave the end to a point. Simple.

Make a tool cleaner by cutting a piece of wood into the shape of a spade. Use it to clean your spade or fork when digging. Clean tools make digging much easier. Also use it to clean all your tools when you have finished with them, before oiling them and putting them away. Tools will last much longer that way.

A planting board is invaluable for accurate spacing of plants. It is make from 1in x 1in wood (3cm x 3 cm). Make it as long as you want but no longer than 10 ft (3 m). It become difficult to place if it is longer than that. Make a sawcut every 3 ins (8cm) and mark every 12 ins (30cm) with the appropriate number of nails.  This stops the guessing from the spacing of plants and the frustration of using a tape measure.


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