Autumn Bedding

Autumn Bedding is more than just bedding plants which flower in autumn. Many of the plants will continue to flower throughout winter and into Spring. The reason I am writing about it at this time is that I have just had a special offer from Thompson and Morgan which strikes me as a very good buy.

autumn plant collection

T & M are offering 252 plug plants for £9.99. This equates to 4p per plant. Plug plants are very useful at this time of year. They already have a good root system and although sometimes they may be a tad small to put straight into the garden, they will be ready in a week or two.

The plants on offer are 84 each of three varieties. The first is Pansy Universal. These were on offer in Thompson and Morgan’s Cottage Garden catalogue at 84 for £9.99 so this offer is really a bargain. Pansy Universal has a range of bright colours some solid and some with pretty blotches. They are dwarf and compact plants and, given normal weather conditions, should flower throughout Autumn and winter.

The next batch of plug plants are Viola ‘Sorbet’. These are winter hardy plants some with bi-coloured variations.

The final set of plants are Primrose ‘Petticoat’ mixed. These are double compact flowers which look like miniature roses. They have double compact flowers in a range of bright colours. They certainly look different from the usual Primrose.

Between these three plants, you should have the basis of a good colourful display throughout autumn and well into winter.


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