Chelsea Flower Show

It’s that time of year, when everybody connected with the gardening world is using the CHelsea Flower Show for advertising. However, occasionally among all the hype and dross is a gem and this year’s Thomson and Morgan’s ‘Chelsea Flower Show Celebration‘ is, in my opinion, one such gem.

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Costing only £9.99, it is, purportedly, worth £57 (and who am I to dispute this.). For this price, you get 15 plants, which I will talk about in a moment, and Gift token from T & M for £10 and an RHS Chealsea Flower Show DVD.

The plants in themselves are quite interesting. First you get 5 Geraniium ‘Skyrocket’ plants. These are a new climbing variety of Geranium which will grow to 6 ft  in a season.  If you buy these seperately they cost £1 each. so they are a good buy. One of the annoying things about buying plug plants is that there is not enough information about them. However, I would assume that, like most geraniums these will be herbacious perennials but will be frost tender.  If you have somewhere sensible to store them, they arre worth transplanting and keeping over winter.

Next are 5 Petunia Surfina, which are described as everybody’s favourite trailing Petunia. Not difficult since these days you can only find Petunia Surfina plants. Gone are the days when you could get Petunia plants for pennies! Having said that, I have grown Petunia Surfina in hanging baskets in the past and they have given a really great display, so if you are interested in hanging baskets, then these are a good investment. They are only annuals, though.

Last, but not least are 5 Fushia  Plants. These are double flowered and include such well known varieties as Southgate, Swingtime and Dark Eyes. Again, these would cost you at least £1 a plant if bought seperately. If you do not know the varieties mentioned, then I should add that they are all very different in colour combinations, ranging from the palest of pinks to almost black.

So you now have approximately £15 worth of plants and then they give you your money back (plus 1p) in the form of a voucher. and on top of that there is the DVD. Can’t be a bad bargain. I for one am definuitely going to be ordering one.


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