Vernon Geranium Nursery Catalogue

I have just received The Vernon Geranium Nursery Catalogue and looking, through found it very interesting.

For anyone liking geraniums (These are really pelagoniums, but lets not split hairs), then this is the catalogue for you. They have a wide range of these plants, from trailing geraniums, ideal for hanging baskets or to trail through flower beds or even on the patio pot edges, through to Ivy leafed geraniums, double geraniums, fancy leaf geraniums, scented leaf geraniums regal geraniums and even baby dwarf geraniums. You think of it – they seem to have it. The range of colours are great too.
However, they no longer just sell geraniums, although that it still their speciality. They have expanded into quite a large range of plants. From trailing Begonias through Surfinia Petunias to Impatiens with Mimulas , Double Begonias and Bizzy Lizzies thrown in for good measure. All in a range of colours to blow your mind.

Vernons are a family nursey and has been growing plants for 30 years. They are proud of their reputation for ofering quality plants  and service and offer a  30 day no-quibble guarantee. Ordering is easy, by telephone, on ine or by post and delivery is by post in specially designed packaging to ensure that the plants get to you in their best condition.

There are special ofers spread throughout the catalogue ranging from free rootgrow with roses to money off multiple orders of plants. The roses offered in this catalogue include many of the nations favourites including Mum in a Million, Golden Wedding and Happy Anniversary. They are also offering their Rose of the year 2010 which i s “Absolutely Fabulous” – a buttermilk yellow flower with agood scent and is a strong grower.

Like many plant catalogues, Vernons Geranium Nursery also offer a collection of containers and other garden hardware in their catalogues. They also send a free leaflet giving advice about raising your plants with every order. Post and Packaging costs are very reasonable – £1.95 for all orders however much you want unless it is over £35 when P & P is free.

Though I have mentioned a number of plants here, I have by no means covered the whole spectrum of their range. This catalogue is definitely worth a look if you are interested in buying small plants for your garden or patio – or even hanging baskets – at reasonable prices.

Thompson and Morgan Seed Catalogue

I have done some research, and have found that not only are Thompson and Morgan seeds  very good value (generally, you get more seed  per packet, often for less money) but also they have a very good germination rate. (Often 100%). Whilst there are rules about the germination rates for vegetable seeds, these do not apply to flower seeds. However, Thompson and Morgan also rate highly for the germination of their flower seeds.

Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue is one of the best for the information they give for  each of their packets of seeds. Not only do they list the height, spread and general descrition of the plants, they also give information about the type of soil conditions required, the amount of sun and also the number of days required for germination of seed. They also give a ‘green finger guide’ axplaining the level of experience and care required to get the best results. Should you need to soak seed for optimum germination, or any other treatment, they list that too. In fact, it gives just about all the information you could probably want. And on top of that, they print pictures of almost all their plants.

I have been growing plants from Thompson and Morgan seeds for over 10 years and have made a habit for keeping their catalogues  which I use almost as an encyclopaedia. (I also use conventional plant encyclopeadias but they do not give specific information about the cultivars and varieties supplied by Thompson and Morgan.)

The seed catalogue is arranged in  such a way that it is easy to find a specific plant should you want to. The main part of the catalogue is in alphabetical order first for flowers, and then for vegetables.  in the front of the catalogue are pages devoted to new varieties for the year, then for specific types of plants such as patio plants, grasses, annual plantrs, perennial plants and wildflowers – useful if you are not sure what you want but do not have the time, or inclination, to search through lists of plants. The pictures are attractive and helpful, although as with every other plant catalogue, occasi0nally, the colours are not exact. This particularly applies to blues.

In recent years Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue has started to include  items allied to  the growing of plants such as pots, propogators and seed trays.  They are also selling nematodes which are natural pest control which is safe around children and pets.

All in all, I have no problem in recommending any gardener, whether  highly experienced or new to the activity to  use the Thompson and Morgan Seed Catalogue as a primary source for buying seeds and other gardening essentials.