My first germination this year and growing Dahlias

I have just noticed my first germination this year.
first germination
It always pleases me out of all proportion to the event. It means the weather has warmed up and spring is well on its way. Its bright and sunny here today, although there is still a chill wind. It’s forecast to cloud over this afternoon and perhaps even to rain.

The seeds which have germinated are: Lupin, band of nobles; Gazania ‘Talent’; Brachycome ; Sweet Pea ‘Orange DRagon’ and Sweet Pea ‘Royal Mix’. Although in most cases, there is only one shoot showing, it is a good beginning and more will follow in short order. The time for pricking out will probably start in two weeks or so. Watch this space!

I have planted tubers of Dahlias. I have chosen three different varieties and types: Pinelands Princess which is a cactus type, 32″ tall and with Dinner Plate size flowers which are pink with cream petals on the inside. I have also chosen Christine which is a Decorative Dahlia, It is 30 os tall with Lilac cloured petals with cream inners. The last variety I have chosen is ‘Big Brother’. This is a semi-cactus type with Dinner Plate size flowr4s in yellow which turn to orange towards the centre. It is 36ins tall.

I do not dig up and store my Dahlia tubers over winter so every year I lose some. I expect to lose more than usual this year as the winter was so cold. It is always a risk, but I find storing dahlia tubers a chore. You need to protect them from frost, from rodents and from going mouldy. It’s easier to leave them in the ground giving them a good mulch and hope for the best. I will not know whether they have survived for another month or two, we shall see.  It is surprising how many survive.

I plant my new tubers in seed trays and keep them in my greenhouse because I use them as mother plants.

dahlia mother plant

When they start shoting, I use the shoots as cuttings . This way I get loads of plants from one tuber. They will still flower the same year. There are always people wanting dahlia plamts so if you have too many, you can always swap them, sell them or give them away.