Superior Timber Design Raised Bed Kits

Harrod’s Superior Riased Bed Kits look good and are pretty adaptable. They are made of FSC Scandinavion timer planks which are 8 inches (20cm) high and 1.4 inches thick. This makes them pretty robust. As well as the planking they sell¬† 4 inch (10cm) corner posts and also capping seperately. The planks come in various lengths from 2 ft to 8 ft as does the capping.

Superior Timber Raised Beds

Harrod also sell what they call ‘Starter Kits’ which include all you need to make raised beds: the planks, corner posts, long lasting aluminium joining brackets and even zinc plated screws – with full instructions on how to assemble them. These kits come in various width and length sizes from 2 ft square and raising by 2 ft increments (seperately by width and length i.e. you could have 4 ft by 6 ft) to 8 ft square. There is also 4 height options. The capping is not included in the kit but can be bought seperately. On top of the rectangular kits, there is also a triangular kit available.

The wood has been high pressure treated with safe timberpreservative which was selected in consultation with ‘Garden Organic’ to ensure the best possible protection from attack from fungal attack and attack from wood boring insects. It has been planed to give you the best possible look.It is structually guaranteed for 8 years.

There are god reasons for putting capping on the top of your raised bed sides. Apart from loking really attractive, they are excellant for sitting on whilst hand weeding or planting in your beds.

These beds really are stylish and would make a god addition to any garden.

Raised Bed Kits for a very competitive price

Many allotment gardeners (and, indeed, those raising vegetables in their gardens) have found that keeping beds contained is a perennial problem. Most methods of containing beds with railway sleepers or other timber is too expensive and too much work, taking time you would rather devote to raising your plants.

Allotment Timber Raised Bed

Harrod Horticulture have come up with an answer. They call it their ‘Allotment Timer Design for Raised Beds‘. It is in fact suitable for any raised beds. Made from 6 inch (15cm) thick FSC Scandinavian timber planks and planed all round they are quality wood with 5 year structural guarantee.

The planks are treated with a safe timer preservative to ensure that they have the best possible resistance to fungal decay and wood boring insects. Harrod Horticulture consult withe Garden Organic to select the best possible preservative to do this job so it should work!

The kits come in a variety of square and rectangular designs with 3 height options and for narrow areas there are 2 ft wide mini-beds or triangular corner shapes.

The kits come complete with internal wooden fixing posts and zinc pplated scrrews. Even the planks are pre-drilled and full instructions are included so that minimum time and wood working ability is needed.

If you want a more elegant look, or have a side on which you can sit to work on your beds (really useful when planting), then you can also buy capping which has been desined to fit perfectly.

These raised bed kits are really good value and will last many years with the minimum of maintenance giving you beds which will never move or lose soil. They are excellant for raised beds (partcularly useful if you garden organically) but will be useful whatever your method of gardening.

Making Raised Beds for Easy Gardening

deep bed

One of the most important features in my vegetable patch is that it has raised beds. I try to garden organically (in the main I achieve this, although if there is a particularly virulent attack of one insect I have been known to resort to chemicals) and raised beds fit with this like a hand and glove.

Perhaps I should explain the thinking behind raised beds and what they are. Raised beds are exactly what they say. They are beds which have been raised above the level of the rest of the garden. You can do this by just adding soil or compost in a certain area. It works but tends to get untidy and the soil creeps away. It is better to edge your bed with wood (or other materials). One of things you do is make them so that you can reach of them without stepping on them. This means the soil never gets compacted so it does not need digging.If you are going to be able to walk all around them, this means no wider than 4 ft. (a normal persons reach is about 2 ft.)

Once you have built your bed, you double dig it, then add compost or soil enricher and gently fork it in. In the future, all you will need to do is add compost and gently fork it in. Easy!

The benefits of Raised beds have now been recognised by some of the garden supply companies and you can now buy kits to make them.  Check some examples here. This makes life much easier Рno measuring and cutting, preserving and sanding. There are even Raised Bed kits which include caps on them. This is actually a good idea, as it makes a comfortable place to sit and rest for a few minutes Рor even sit whilst you are planting.

I have talked of Raised beds in the vegetble patch, but there is no reason why you can’t use them in your ornamental garden. Just make sure that the soil is not to lose to hold your plants. (Brussel Sprouts often do not do to well in raised beds as they topple). Why not try making a Thyme seat in one.