Grass Cutters

If you have not already done so, and I haven’t, it is time to think about cutting your grass. Whether, like me, you just grow patches of grass or whether you have a very neat lawn of which you are justifiably proud, once you start cutting your grass, then it needs doing regularly.

Most people find mowing the lawn a chore, although a few find it quite therapeutic. Whichever catagory you fall into, a good mower will make a gtreat deal of difference not only to the enjoyment of the task but also the way the grass looks when it has been cut.

There are a number of different types of mower out there and choosing the right one to get the finish you want can be a bit confusing. Lets start with the power. Basically, there are two ways to power your mower – petrol and electric. There are good and bad things attached to each.

The snag to the petrol driven mower is that you are carrying around your fuel with you and therefore they tend to be heavier to push. They can also be more difficult to start, although nowadays some petrol driven mowers have push button starting. That said, if you have a lot of grass you will need a petrol driven mower. They are more rugged and cope with larger jobs more easily.

Electric powered lawn mowers tend to be quieter to use. They are lighter to push and easy to start. However, you have to be very careful not to cut the lead which gives you your power feed.

There are two different types of mower, the cylinder mower and the rotary mower. The difference is in the way the blades are mounted and run.

The cylinder mower will generally give you a better finish than a rotary mower. It will usually have a roller attached to it and also a box for collecting the grass which has been cut. This is the mower to use if you want a lawn with stripes. Buy one with as many blades on the cylinder as possible and always keep those blade sharp.

Rotary Mowers come into their own if you have areas of tall grass. You can use them on close cut lawns, (many do!) but they will not give such a professional finish to ithe lawn. Hover mowers are a form of rotary mowers.

Ride on Mowers

Among his other ‘boy toys’ my husband has a ride on mower. Actually, it is a very useful bit of kit. We have quite a lot of grass so a ride on mower saves an awful lot of time.

There are a number of different types of ride of mowers, the one we have is one which cuts the grass very fine and throws it out the back to spread as a mulch. The good thing about this is that you do not have to keep stopping to empty a collecting box at the back. You also do not have to be careful about piling grass cuttings on your compost heap. If you put too much grass on the compost heap it just makes a nasty, slimy, smelly pile and does not compost easily, so any grass cuttings need to be spread thinly among other components of the compost heap. If you have a large area of grass, this is not always easy. The bad thing is that you if you do not rake the grass occasi0nally, you can end up with a great deal of thatch which ultimately will choke the grass and encourage growth of moss. A small amount of grass cuttings will be carried down into the soil by worms and other creatures and will enrich your soil. However, beware, too many worms will encourage moles. There is a happy medium which is not always easy to achieve.

Before we had this ride-on grass mower, we had a Westwood Mower which was one with a collecting box. I have explained the pros and cons of this in the previous paragraph. Having said that, the Westwood Mower was very sturdy indeed and coped with a lot of work. This is the mower that many Golf Courses and other sports stadiums choose.It produces a very good cut, giving your grass a professional look with very little trouble.

The third type of mower is, in effect, a mini tractor which pulls a row of cutters. You only need one of these if you have a very large patch of grass. They are not easily maneuverable and take some getting used to in order to produce a good result. If you are talking about an acre or so of grass though, this is probably the type of mower you want as it covers a lot more ground in one pass than the others do.

Ride-on Mowers make cutting a large patch a grass a great deal easier – not least since most men will undertake it since it is a fun thing to do.

Choosing Grass Mowers

Some people find mowing their grass tedious whilst others find it therapeutic and satisfying. Whichever group you subscribe to, having the right mower for the job will make it much easier.

There are basically two types of lawnmower. A cylinder mower which is exactly what it says, it has blades on a cylinder. It also usually has a roller either in front of the blades or behind. This is what gives you the stripes when you regularly mow your lawn in the same way. A cylinder mower will generally give you a much better finish than a rotary mower. You should try to get as many blades on the cylinder as possible. A collector box for the cut grass is also useful since this helps to prevent thatch accumulating.

A rotary lawnmower is once again exactly what it says. The blades are mounted in a circle and turn round fast to cut the grass. Sometimes the blades are replaceable and made of plastic (as in the hovermower) and sometimes they are metal and are capable of being sharpened. The useful thing about a rotary grass mower is that it will cut tall grass. You can use them on close cut lawns but they do not give the same fine finish.

You can buy petrol or electric powered lawnmowers. Some petrol-powered mowers even have electric starters, rather then the string pull which can be hard to master. Electric lawnmowers are generally cheaper to buy than their petrol-powered cousins but have the down side that you are limited to the length of their cable and you must be careful not to cut it. They are, however, generally much lighter than petrol-powered mowers as you are not carrying petrol around with you.