Growing Celeriac

It’s snowing at the moment so now is the time to curl up with the seed catalogue and think about next years vegetables. Every year I try to grow a different vegetable which I have never grown before.Sometimes they are even vegetables which I have never even eaten. Last year’s vegetable was Celeriac. I have known about celeriac since I was a teenager but had not eaten it. It was very easy to grow. I sowed just one row of seeds in late spring and left them to it, although I did water in the extreme drought. In due course I had a row of celeriac bulbs. Not the prettiest of vegetables to look at, although the leaves are a bit similar to carrots.Then I had to decide how to cook them. Eventually I came across a very simple recipe involving apples and cider. They were quite delicious. Still tasted of celery and not at all woody.

I grow most of my vegetables in ‘deep beds’ which are beds raised above ground height and 12 feet long and 4 feet wide. These are planned that wide so that I can reach the middle from either side and I never stand on them, it means the earth is never compacted and it  makes digging and weeding so much easier. In fact I only dig when adding extra compost. The length does not matter. It just fits the space I have. I also use a rotation scheme to make the most use of nutrients and to lessen the chances of diseases.


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